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Updated: Feb 4, 2021

MY First Blog Post and finally sitting down to brain dump all my ideas that constantly go through my head on a day to day basis.. I think I have a major case of ADD and thoughts zip a do da through my head at a thousand miles an hour.

A little bit about my journey (well, the very short version). I moved to Bozeman, MT from Chicago. I quit my private chef position with a high profile family to start a private chef business. Oh boy, I'm sure some of you are probably thinking, in the middle of a pandemic? Oh yes, I like to live life on the edge. How I picked Bozeman to move to was because the family I used to cook for, they owned a home in Big Sky, MT. I traveled with them frequently to MT.. It was breathtaking and fell in love with it. With all of the chaos going on in Chicago, it was time to go and start my own thing. With a whole lot of faith, God and my husband we started this business and his business.

I want to relay so much information all at once, and I’m here as a Chef, a human, a friend, a person that has your back (Go stranger, Go!! - I once saw that on a handmade, puffy paint posterboard sign when I was running a marathon, lol).. I not here to preach and get everyone on this planet to eat a plant based diet. NO! I”m here to help, educated, teach, enlighten and the list of positive adjectives goes on and on.

I have been in the culinary industry for 15 years and it started with a simple conversation with my Aunt. I remember like it was yesterday, “ Jennifer, honey why don’t you go to Culinary school”. My response, "Oh Aunt C, no way,, I have no experience, I really don’t want to do that". A year after that conversation, I was off to the Culinary Institute of American, in upstate NY. And BOOM,, here I am today! I’ve worked many jobs in the culinary industry and these last few years been working as a private chef to a few high profile folks in the Chicago area. I officially have become an expert at allergy friendly and High Performance foods. You name it, I can make it dairy, gluten, nut, soy, egg free.. :) I've been called a magician, since I can create any allergy friendly meal in record times. My creations of high performance recipes, have help individuals set many PR’s, increase endurance levels, achieve more mental focus, all by eating the right combinations of foods and ingredients. See putting my "Big Bang" theory brain on now.. lol

In my opinion, the majority of humans have forgotten the roots and origins of how their food gets to their table or stomachs ( and no, we don’t chew and than swallow lol). We show a blind eye to the reality of what these major food companies are doing and we are complacent to think what is going into our mouths or our children's mouths. So many companies try to trick us into thinking their chemically laden products are good for you.. As my time as a private chef, I have experienced many crazy situations and I shake my head because I should be writing a book about all my experiences and life into the wealthy and celebrity world,, but I once was quizzed by a concerned Mom that what I was serving wasn’t organic chicken, and didn’t want her little sack of potatoes to be full of antibiotics. After 10 minutes of trying to tell her my philosophy regarding food, she gave her sack of potatoes “birthday cake” Oreos,, I looked at the ingredients and only recognized three of them; high fructose corn syrup, sugar, and cocoa powder. It was full of Chemicals; Blue, Green Yellow and Red Dye #4525. I had to shake my head and just laugh.. Really?? WTF??

It was ironic and just before I sat down to write this post, I was doing one of my home workouts and was listening to Chasing Excellence Pod Cast,, The host of that show stated that the Processed snack food industry is profiting 2 trillion dollars,, that is so F***ed UP (Pardon my foul mouth language) BUT HOLY SHIT, are you kidding me?????? No wonder why there are so many diseases, cancers, diabetes and the list of medical issues goes on… These companies could give a rats ass about you, hence why they sell their items for cheap. I am a firm believer that all diseases, aliments and sicknesses start with the food you consume.

So now off my soapbox and it’s time to get back to cooking and serving simple, clean foods. Hence my tag line, Pure, Simple Fare. Here at ReJENNerate, I’m here to watch out for you and help you put good food into your body and have it work for you and your family. As a private chef currently to some pretty high profile people, that is my job daily to make sure what goes in their body is nothing but the best ingredients. And what I cook, you don’t have to have millions of dollars to eat a nutritious diet. It’s simple ingredients when combined, you can reJENNerate any dish into a superfood powerhouse masterpiece and responsibility nourish that hot bod of yours.

So I thank you for stopping by and showing interest in my site. Here we go!!!

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