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Organic Vegetables

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Wine & Dine
Salmon in Sauce

We believe good food nourishes the soul.  Food is the heart and nucleus of life. It is the epicenter that encompasses us all.  Everyone feels some sort of connection to food. The inviting warmth of the kitchen makes this connection come full circle and brings us all together. Here at Stoked Kitchen we believe high quality ingredients are the foundation to a good meal.  Food creates that connection between us all no matter where we come from. Not only does food nourish the soul, it bridges the gap between us all.  When you add pure, simple, high quality ingredients you have a foundation that will speak for itself. All of us at Stoked Kitchen have a passion for good food and will stop at nothing to provide our clients the best food, service and experience.


Our Chefs

Meet The Chef



Chef Jenn Stoker


Executive Chef 


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"The Stoked Kitchen team and Chef Jenn were outstanding. The food was amazing and they used the highest quality ingredients. Not only did they go above  and beyond, Chef Jenn's knowledge of allergy friendly cooking put me at ease. We can't wait to have them back"! 

Lisa N. 


"Chef Jenn's food was superb and the most highest quality. From the very beginning the Stoked Kitchen team was extremely professional and our dinner party was a huge success. We can't thank them enough and can't stop craving their food".

John and Betsy G.

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